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Volkswagen BUDD-E EV SUV Concept


The small electric van that is the new Volkswagen BUDD-E made its debut at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The brand made its first appearance in 2015 and this latest model based on the Modular Electric Platform that is specific to plug-in vehicles. This eco-friendly EV is packed with the latest technology and offers futuristic solutions.

Volkswagen BUDD-E EV SUV Concept

Interior and Exterior Design

In this new German machine, the infotainment system together with the instrument cluster combined to form one unit that is positioned behind the steering wheel. This system give navigation data, entertainment details, driving information and video streams. The steering wheel has pressure sensitive touch pads as opposed to the traditional buttons. The car also has gesture control and voice recognition’s and touch screen control. The plan is to make it connectable to the driver’s smart home to adjust the temperature at home or even check on the security cameras.The vehicle has four seats. The passenger seat revolves and the back seat can wrap-around like seats in one’s living room.

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Volkswagen BUDD-E - Interior

The van has a length of one hundred and eighty one inches, with a width of seventy six point three inches and a height of seventy two point two inches. It has a long wheel base of 124.1 inches and overhands that are quite short at 27 inches at the front and 28.9 at the back. It is visually appealing due to the proportions described above. The side door on the kerbside slides giving easy access to the vehicle.

Engine and Mileage Specifications

The new Volkswagen BUDD-E will be powered by 101-kWh lithium-ion battery and cover a range of 233 miles. It will be purely electric and will not be able to support internal-combustion range extender engines. The battery will be capable of recharging quickly reaching eighty percent in only fifteen minutes. It is designed to be eco-friendly with no emissions. It has two electric motors; one at the front and the other at the back. The front one gives 100kW and the rear one gives 125kW. It charges the battery and electric motors using solar energy harnessed through the solar panels on the roof.

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Volkswagen BUDD-E - Side View


  • Manufacturer name: Volkswagen
  • Model name: BUDD-E
  • Year of release: 2018
  • Engine: Full electric, 101-kWh lithium ion battery
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 302bhp
  • Displacement:
  • 0-60 time: 62mph
  • Top Speed: 93mph

Volkswagen Budd-E Price and Release Date

The new BUDD-E is expected to be released in 2018 and the price is yet to be given.Volkswagen, however intends to be the first manufacturer to put gesture control in affordable mass production cars.

Volkswagen BUDD-E - Rear View


The Volkswagen BUDD-E introduced during the same week that the US Department of Justice said that it would file a lawsuit against the German manufacturer for cheating on diesel emission tests. It is seen as the Volkswagen’s way of redeeming its image as it had to recall eleven million cars worldwide following emissions scandal. Its competitors will most likely be the Emission electric car from Porsche and the e-tron Quattro from Audi.

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Source: ultimatecarpage

Amazing Electric Vehicle – Volkswagen BUDD-E: Video

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