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Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover Concept

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation unveils the Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover concept, a next generation compact SUV concept car, the EV system at the 44th Tokyo Motor show 2015. The next generation concept car showcases electric technologies and this is a new take on the front design concept. It also includes superior driving pleasure in association to a vast range of technologies in this compact crossover package. This concept is one step ahead reflecting the electric power and SUV.

Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover

Mitsubishi eX – Electric Crossover

State-of-the art versatility and Plug-in hybrid technology

This concept car demonstrated the plug-in Hybrid EV technical features and Twin Motor 4WD systems in a clear explainable way. There is a virtual community that supply electric power V2x3 systems from the PHEV’s drive battery presenting a myriad of uses. It visualizes the possibilities and versatility of electric powered vehicles.

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The new Mitsubishi eX Concept is a all electric powered compact SUV that is aimed at the compact SUV market that is fast growing. It uses the state-of-the art EV of MMC and all-wheel control technologies that presents a combination of automated driving, active safety systems and connected car.

Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover --

Mitsubishi eX – Electric Crossover

The interior and exterior design indicates the MMC Design direction. It evokes a sporty crossover image zipping around the town nimbly and the style presents its elegance of being sporty estate luxury wagon featuring compact SUV lines. There is a new Dynamic shield concept in the front end design.

 Interior and Exterior of Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover

Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover - Interior

Mitsubishi eX – Electric Crossover – Interior

A framed structure is used for the cabin and it features soft-touch material in the dashboard as well other major elements. It has a minimalist look and is lightweight even in the front compartment. It has a reality windshield augmented and a large screen in the instrument center housing to keep the driver informed.

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Engine and Mileage of Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover

The drive is from electric motors, the output is 187 hp. There is a 45 kilowatt hour battery lithium ion unit such that it is on a single charge that the eX can efficiently cover 200 to 250 miles. There is Super All Wheel Control featuring twin-motor system and the dynamics control system uses the braking to control a transfer mechanism and the front wheel. The driver has Auto, Snow and Gravel, three modes.

Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover - Rear View

Mitsubishi eX – Electric Crossover – Rear View

The eX presents a variety of automated (and semi-automated) driving technologies compatible with EVs. These include parking system and a highway assistant for driving. There is obstacle avoidance system using the cameras and radar is mounted such that communications is possible with vehicles in the vicinity.

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Amazing Electric SUV: Mitsubishi eX Electric Crossover: Video

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