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Mitsubishi Ex Concept

When the Tokyo motor show kick off later this month, the Mitsubishi Ex Concept would be exposed to the public for the first time. The all-electric SUV represent Mitsubishi’s vision of a exclusive vehicle aimed at the fast rising compact SUV market. It use Mitsubishi’s state of the art EV as well as all wheel control technology combined with automatic driving, connected car, and active protection systems.

Mitsubishi Ex Concept

Mitsubishi Ex – Concept

Exterior and Interior

In terms of look, the Mitsubishi Ex Concept takes on a striking appearance that is something I am not used to see from Mitsubishi. The thin headlight and the grille form a prominent “X” on the nose of this crossover, as do the taillights as well as the black accents on the back tailgate and bumper. Rounding out this design language is the shooting brake design as well as the floating roof aspect. Sure, the floating roof design is hijacked from Nissan, however Mitsubishi’s execution of it is enhanced than Nissan’s.

Mitsubishi Ex Concept

Mitsubishi Ex – Concept – Interior

Inside the Ex’s cabin, stuff are surprisingly easy. It features a smart display in the center of the dash that show the navigation scheme, smartphone controls, as well as more, the seats are not several crazy, over-the-top concept bit, and the soft-touch material through the cabin add a little additional class. The only eccentric additions to the indoor of the eX Concept are the two battery in the center console to “support the vigorous lifestyle.”

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Engine and Mileage of Mitsubishi Ex Concept

Mitsubishi Ex Concept

Mitsubishi Ex -Concept – Side View

Under the skin, the Mitsubishi Ex Concept is just as radical. Said show crossover would arrive powered by Mitsubishi’s “next-age group EV system” that is comprise of a pair of “high-output electric motor.” Each motor is quote to put out the equal of 94 hp while the entire setup is juiced up by a 45 kWh lithium-ion battery – the last is mounted under the body for the lowest possible center of gravity.

Release date and Price of Mitsubishi Ex Concept

We should learn a lot more regarding the eX Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, which kick off on October 30th as well as runs throughout November 11th.

Mitsubishi Ex Concept

Mitsubishi Ex – Concept Rear View

Mitsubishi is primed to make an enormous change in the forthcoming years. The Eclipse is long gone and the Lancer Evolution would bite the dust after the 2015 model year, as the brand move toward fuel effectiveness and yet electric power trains. In support of this movement, Mitsu has introduced a new electric SUV concept dubbed the Mitsubishi Ex Concept that it will show in the metal at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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Amazing Concept: Mitsubshi Ex Concept: Video

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