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8 Jul 2016

2018 BMW i3 Concept, Review, Price and Specs

BMW, the German automaker, has announced its new 2018 BMW i3 and it is said to have a new battery pack that gives it a longer range. The battery pack to be used is the Samsung 94
4 Apr 2016

2016 BMW i5 EV Release Date, Price

The German manufacturer’s latest eclectic plug-in creation is the new 2016 BMW i5 EV. It is build to help create a better living environment for all. The latest model will be released later this year. It is
16 Mar 2016

2016 BMW X5 xDrive 40e Hybrid, Interior, Specs

The German manufacturer’s new 2016 BMW X5 xDrive 40e is a standout amongst the most anticipated vehicles for this year. Auto specialists anticipate the X5 might end up being the huge dealer of 2016. The vehicle will
7 Mar 2016

2016 BMW 7 Series Review, Price and Specs

BMW has declared its new face of 2016 BMW 7 Series  we went to the principal spy photographs from testing 2016 BMW series facelift, and the determinations points of interest. BMW 7 series contenders are Mercedes-Benz S-class,
4 Mar 2016

2016 BMW I3 Hybrid, Range, Price

It has become a trend for car production companies to release all hybrid or electric cars. The new 2016 BMW i3 is presented as completely new and smallest hybrid car. Special door layout, abnormal view and braking
15 Feb 2016

2017 BMW i3 EV Range, Price, Review, Specs

An enhanced lithium-ion battery will give the new 2017 BMW i3 EV, a boost and enable it move past the current 81 miles to 150 miles with a single charge. The battery has improvements made from shortcomings
17 Dec 2015

2017 BMW i8 Price, Changes, Specs

The new 2017 BMW i8 is the latest electric sports car from the German company, a limited edition exotic car available with electric motor and conventional engine. The new i8 or the hybrid sports car of the
11 Nov 2015

2016 BMW 330e Concept

The new 2016 BMW 330e is one of the best produce of the creator of the modern sports sedan section and has been famous as an icon of this car category for 40 years. Over what is
29 Oct 2015

2017 BMW i5 Rendered

2017 BMW i5, from BMW, the German automakers is expected to give public appearances soon. The letter ‘I’ represents a sub brand and the main point is about generating plug in electric cars. The aim is to
8 Oct 2015

2016 BMW i3

BMW has made a sharp turn towards production of hybrid cars, perhaps the biggest step of all German lavishness car manufacturer and the 2016 BMW i3 is an element of the change. They have done nothing less