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Apple’s iMove Electric Car Will Be Self-Driven

Apple’s iMove Electric Car – An unexpected report yesterday states that Apple is assembling a team and they are working to build Apple’s iMove Electric Car, and the importance is that it will be self driven, said some within the company unnamed sources.

The news from The Wall Street Journal is that Apple could poach more experts from worldwide auto industry. As per the report yesterday, a team is led under the Guidance of a former Ford engineer, VP Steve Zadesky. He is been authorized to follow a product design and to build a team of 1000 people.

Apple’s electric car

Apple’s IMove Electric Car

The interest is building and gaining lot of attention about the Apple’s iMove Electric Car that will be self-driven. Google is creating autonomous vehicles and now this is giving way for more rumors and credibility now a days.

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Apple has required cash to hire personnel to create and build cars. In fact, the reports reveal the fact that right now Apple is doing just that. It is hiring employees for the car industry and they are working in a secret lab in Cupertino in the Apple headquarters.

Apple’s electric car

Apple’s IMove Electric Car Interior

‘This car is all about autonomous driving, a software game’, told the anonymous insider to Reuters. As Reuters point out, to make cutting-edge vehicle software plenty of money is required. It also needs a self-driving operating system requiring high-definition mapping and right now the Apple’s iMove Electric Car also requires bespoke software. The fact is that Google, the company’s biggest competitor is exploring for more than a year about autonomous vehicles.Apple may be interested in moving into the market of self-driving car, in the same way as it entered the markets of Smartphone and digital music spheres, by developing in-house hardware and software, rather than looking for partnerships with existing suppliers.  The Reuters source said, “They do not consider or appear to require assistance from the carmakers”.

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Markedly, the tech company hired Mercedes-Benz former head of research and development, Johann Jungwirth, in September. His responsibilities in Mercedes in the past five years included electric-vehicle powertrain, autonomous driving and connected car tech research. He will be a part of the new generation Apple’s electric car.

Apple is creating an in-car entertainment system for a while now. Many companies are now offering their own in-car systems. The rumors suggest Apple is considering developing Apple’s iMove Electric Car, for various reasons. With gas prices expected and set to rise again and with the climate change, Apple being the first to build a fashionable and affordable electric car could be a big deal.

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