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2017 Tesla Model E

2017 Tesla Model E is an upcoming luxury sedan with an electric drive. The Model has code name Blue Star, in addition to designs would take from the Tesla S model. It is planned for the general people of customers, because of its convenience. It means that would be offered with lower equipment package that will lower the price.

Tesla Model E 2017

Tesla Model E 2017

Exterior and Interior

The front fascia would have a characteristic extensive oval grille, LED headlight, new fog lights, alloy wheels, coupe roof-line, chrome accents in addition to a revised rear front The propulsion system has a completely autonomous electric drive of high performance. We are still awaiting more particulars regarding the forthcoming 2017 Tesla Model E sedan. That said, we anticipate it to feature well-known Tesla styling with a wide oval grille as well as clean lines.

Tesla Model E 2017 - Interior

Tesla Model E 2017 – Interior

The interior design is based on excellence materials in addition to new devices. Cabin dimensions are somewhat smaller but still bring the essential comfort. Modern forms and simple concept will leave you breathless. Sufficient luggage space brings pleasure traveler. The list of equipment is a big touch screen with infotainment scheme. The seats are upholstered in new fabrics in addition to are available and new features.

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Engine and Mileage of 2017 Tesla Model E

Tesla Model E 2017

Tesla Model E 2017

2017 Tesla Model E drives the electric motor which is fed through a lithium-ion battery of high capability. There are battery pack with 40 kWh, 60 kWh as well as 85 kWh. The power from the electric motor would be transmitted to the back wheels. Output power would have less numbers, however the autonomy of 200 miles. In America is find the widespread network of rapid charging station for electric cars. Accurate control in addition to good mechanical character will leave you breathless.

Release date and Price of 2017 Tesla Model E

Vehicle cost will depend solely on the option of equipment packages. Price range from $ 30,000 to $ 40,000.The sale is intended for the end of 2016 year.

Tesla Model E 2017 - Rear View

Tesla Model E 2017 – Rear View

If we make a contrast with European brands, for example Audi A3 Sedan in addition to the BMW 3 Series, this model is yet again smaller. Besides that, the battery capability also is reduced by half as well as will be based on price effectiveness. New design solution bring lower costs in addition to outstanding visual appearance that would be available for many clientele. 2017 Tesla Model E is a compact sedan that come on the marketplace 20% smaller than the S.

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Luxury Electric Cars: Tesla Model E

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