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2017 BMW i5 Rendered

2017 BMW i5, from BMW, the German automakers is expected to give public appearances soon. The letter ‘I’ represents a sub brand and the main point is about generating plug in electric cars. The aim is to create cars that are eco-friendly.

2017 BMW i5

BMW i5 2017

Exterior and Interior of 2017 BMW i5

BMW i5 is a new model that is electrically powered and is one of the luxury models featuring excellent dynamics. This will be a wagon featuring adequate room for five passengers to accommodate and transport. The trunk is large and has double doors featuring easy access. It will have elegant lines and a strong front side.

2017 BMW i5 - Interior

BMW i5 2017 – Interior

The 2017 BMW i5 is equipped with advantage techniques to the innovation, besides it also favors the environment. As usual the inside is very pleasing. The interior is expected to be highly furnished with the addition of new entertainment technology. The car seats are ideal to travel for a short journey and are appropriate for a longer travel. The i5 brand models will feature legroom of 100mm and 150mm on the back overhang. There will be enough driver assistance technology and entertainment features.

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This model also comes with great safety and security specs such as electronic stability, anti-lock braking system, low fuel warning, braking system, airbags, central locking, traction control, automatic climate control, CD players, EBD, speakers Telsa and Fisker.

Engine and Mileage Specifications

2017 BMW i5 - Charging

BMW i5 2017 – Charging

The new i5 will have AC synchronous electric motor to power the rear axle with a single-speed transmission. Under the floor it will have electric propulsion featuring a lithium-ion battery. The engine will generate 170 horsepower. An optional Range Extender auxiliary power unit will be attached externally to plug-in hybrid or to its electric range. The engine having a combination from 3.0 L will produce 640hp and 184 lb ft torque. The speed for 0-62 mph may be 6.8 seconds. The main aim of this BMW i5 is to make zero emissions and to promote a better world.

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Price and Release Date of 2017 BMW i5

The 2017 BMW i5 will certainly reach $50,000 is expected, but with different requirements it will cost $60,000. Considering it as environment pleasant car, the upcoming collections may be thought as affordable vehicle.  It will be released by the end of 2016 or in the earlier 2017 months.

2017 BMW i5 - Side View

BMW i5 2017 – Side View

This German automobile offers the brilliant feature of being eco-friendly. Thus every detail aspect of 2017 BMW i5 assures buyersof contributing the best to the world by being eco-friendly.

Luxurious Electric Car: BMW i5 2017: Video

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