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2017 BMW i3 EV Range, Price, Review, Specs

An enhanced lithium-ion battery will give the new 2017 BMW i3 EV, a boost and enable it move past the current 81 miles to 150 miles with a single charge. The battery has improvements made from shortcomings realized since the launch of the car. The cells in the battery will be able to contain more energy and have an upgrade on the battery cooling and electric motor.The German BMW i3 series is one that is developed with sustainable mobility in mind and the new 2017 i3 EV is no different. This puts it way above the competition, the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S and the Lexus Ct 200h, though the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV still stands out with its 200-mile range.

2017 BMW i3 EV

Interior and Exterior Design

The car is electric making it eco-friendly. It also has a lot of space and can accommodate five passengers making it an ideal family car. It has the same display multimedia system like is the BMW signature. The control panel and radio as well. The seats are a bit raised and the glass is huge to give the driver a wider view on the front and sideways as well.The interior is covered with recyclable and renewable materials. It has large wheels.

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2017 BMW i3 EV - Interior

The body is made of carbon fiber, which is as strong as steel but much lighter making the car lightweight and thus more efficient. The bumper at the front stands out; the hood as well to make it appear more stylish. The available colors are i-blue and frozen gray. The headlights are LED and so are the tail lights which are also U-shaped.

Engine and Mileage Performance, Range

The engine being a two cylinder one, turning a 34-hp generator remains the same as the previous series.It hits 0-60 in only four seconds and hits 100km/ hr in 7.2 seconds. It also has a 7.9 seconds range extender that covers the above speed levels. When using comfort driving, it can reach 160 km. for the eco pro mode, top speed goes down to 90 km/hr as less power is consumed and thus can reach an additional twenty kilometers. This vehicle is designed to make city driving a pleasant experience. The 2017 i3’s electric motor produces 125kw/170hp and a torque of 250lb/ft. the lithium battery can adjust to all temperature conditions and has a warranty of 100,000 miles. This battery is charged through a cable within 6- 8 hours.

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2017 BMW i3 EV - Side View


  • Manufacturer name: BMW
  • Model name: i3 EV
  • Year of release: 2017
  • Engine: 647 cc
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 170
  • Displacement: 6.0
  • 0-60 time: 4 seconds
  • Top Speed: 90 km/hr

2017 BMW i3 EV Price and Release Date

The BMW i3 EV is expected to retail at $ 43,395 U.S. dollars without tax incentives. The release of the new i3 EV may not be done at the same time worldwide but is expected to start hitting the market late 2016.

2017 BMW i3 EV - Rear View


Few automobile innovations stand out and the 2017 BMW i3 EV is one of those few. The design is amazing and is guaranteed to turn heads. The doors open up front, as they are back hinged.

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Source: Car and Driver

High Range Electric Car: 2017 BMW i3 EV: Video

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