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2016 Tesla X – Drive An Economical Electric Car With Upgraded Accessories

2016 Tesla X is an alluring new model electric vehicle which promises for higher acceleration, safety features and wonderful electric engine performance. This electric car has an amazing exterior outer design and it provides plenty of interesting features.

2016 Tesla X

2016 Tesla X

Exterior and Interior of 2016 Tesla X

The exterior appearance of this car will remain same like its prototype. The notable exteriors of this X model car are uplifting double hinged falcon doors. The door of this vehicle is excellently designed in order to allow easy access to third row seats. This electric car will have sharp laid back head lights and plain oval grille. This car will have trapezoid taillights along with chrome garnish. This exterior design of this vehicle will be sleek looking and streamlined.

2016 Tesla X Interior

2016 Tesla X Interior

This upcoming car will have spacious interior accessories for the drivers to ride this car. It has a seat which is made of branded leather material. The woody accents and chrome available in this car would make your feel luxurious riding this car. This vehicle has a steady steering wheel which provides stability and good grip. It will have a wider cabin for the passengers to sit inside this car.

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Engine and Mileage of 2016 Tesla X

This luxury vehicle will be outfitted with two powerful electric motors engine. These two electric motors of this car will be filled with battery power of 60 KWH and 85 KWH. The charge of this electric engine will have the charge of 200 miles. This electric version car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 4.4 seconds. The 85 battery pack of this car has the ability to move around 240 miles. The battery power of this electric engine will vary based on weather conditions and the way you drive this car. This car will draw its energy with the help of electric motor. This vehicle will be in front wheel drive mode. This electric vehicle can be easily steered on all surfaces on off road.

2016 Tesla X Engine

2016 Tesla X Engine

Price and Release Data

The price of this X model car will move in the range of $ 71,000 to $ 96,000. This spectacular car is expected to be released in US market in the early of 2016.

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This car would make you obtain higher engine performance from its powerful electric engine. If you are car enthusiasts who is waiting to buy an electric car with latest interior accessories and everlasting electric engine, then you can prefer looking for 2016 Tesla X.

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