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2016 Tesla Roadster Release Date And Specifications

The new model of 2016 Tesla Roadster is expected soon and will virtually include everything that users expect from any new car model. It is sure to feature quality and perfection as anticipated.

Tesla Roadster 2016

Tesla Roadster 2016

Exterior and Interior

The exterior body will be made from light weight fiber, refined aluminum material and glass. The front end will have a revamped design with a decrease in the grille. The front end will also have a curved wood and LED persistent front lights. At the back side are a boosted diffuser and a refined looter. It presents a sporting activity looking red color and this new model will come with a modern face lift.

Tesla Roadster 2016  Interior

Tesla Roadster 2016 Interior

The interior presents a luxury look and will have 2 sport seats. The convenience is assured and there will be more technologically initiated devices and functions and this will include new air bags for safety, better roofing, infotainment system and refined audio systems. The other standard interior features include heated sport seats with inflatable lumbar support; smooth leather seats and three-spoke leather-wrapped sport steering wheel. The interior is fresh and is significantly redesigned to ensure a comfortable transformation. The upgraded power control hardware allows driving with ease even in extreme climates. Moreover, the new improved seats offer comfort and there are large supportive bolsters and new lumbar support. The touch screen in 7 inch provides the ease of navigation and ease to use controls. The wheel arch lines suppress the noise of the pavement, thereby making the cabin very quiet.

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Engine and Mileage

Tesla Roadster 2016 Engine

Tesla Roadster 2016 Engine

The engine under the hood is anticipated to be better in all respects as being energy efficient. It is expected that the mileage is now 300 miles that is surpassing the existing generation covering 200 miles. The previous model had 53 kilowatt per hour battery and with enhanced power it is expected to outnumber and deliver more than the present 248hp and torque of 211 pounds feet. This model will keep double clutch system, automatic and when it comes to performance or the speeding abilities, it is expected, to cover from 0- 60 meters per hr, in less than 3 minutes.

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2016 Tesla Roadster – Price and Release Date

Rear View of  Tesla 2016 Roadster

Rear View of Tesla 2016 Roadster

The price is anticipated to be a bit more, than the base of the recent model that is 109,000 dollars. It will release in the 2016 first quarter.

If you are looking for something elegant and sporty, then you have the right choice as anticipated, the 2016 Tesla Roadster. This luxury based car will offer the convenience while driving and lots of high tech features.

Highly Anticipated Perfect Car – Tesla Roadster 2016 – Video

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