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2016 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

The Honda company planned well for the Los Angeles Auto Show, which had the world premiere of the North American inauguration of the all-new 2016 Honda Clarity sedan. There is still a few months left in “The Year of Honda,” in addition to the Japanese automaker is looking to create the most of them.

2016 Honda Clarity

Honda Clarity 2016

Exterior and Interior

Observing at the new Clarity Fuel Cell sedan head on, you will not notice any alteration from a traditional standard sedan. The car stretches 4,895 mm extended, 1,875 mm extensive and stands at anelevation of 1,475 mm.

The new Honda Clarity 2016 has a slim aerodynamic profile. At the facade it features sharp LED headlights which flank a grille alike to traditional Honda sedans. The back also features LED taillights. The vehicle will be offered in three external colors black, white and red. The new Clarity Fuel Cell would ride on 18-inch alloy wheel.

2016 Honda Clarity - Charging

Honda Clarity 2016 – Charging

Honda will furthermore hook up the car with their most modernized technology features counting Honda sensing set, Android Auto, LED inner and exterior lighting in addition to Apple CarPlay amongst others. The car will also feature latest connectivity feature like USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity in addition to Smartphone addition to name just however a few.

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Engine and Mileage of 2016 Honda Clarity

2016 Honda Clarity - Engine

Honda Clarity 2016 – Engine

Hydrogen in, water as well as electricity out, this is how fresh driving is out to be. The sedan is motorized by a modified form of the FCX Clarity hydrogen cell which has been on the marketplace since 2008 as a prototype. Over research, the corporation has been capable to tweak the engine to convey more output. It yields 174 hpin addition to 221 lb-ft of torque. The engine allows the vehicle to complete the 0-60 mph run in 9 seconds

Release date and Price of 2016 Honda Clarity

The new 2016 Honda Clarity would hit the Japanese marketplace in March 2016, with early vehicles going into government in addition to business fleets. Its Japanese value is roughly $63,300, counting consumption tax, which reveals the fact that it’s basically a hand-built specialty nehocleat this point.

2016 Honda Clarity - Rear View

Honda Clarity 2016 – Rear View

When it hits the marketplace, the new 2016 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will compete with the Toyota Mirai (the first mass-market fuel cell car in the world) in addition to Hyundai Tuscon FCEV. High safety has been confirmed through protected unit-body build. Driving is smooth as well as a lot of fun.The new 2016 Honda Clarity is a full-cabin sedan and claims being the zero-emission innovative electric car.

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Futuristic Car: Honda Clarity 2016: Video

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