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2016 BMW i3

BMW has made a sharp turn towards production of hybrid cars, perhaps the biggest step of all German lavishness car manufacturer and the 2016 BMW i3 is an element of the change. They have done nothing less than to create a whole new lineup of all kind of hybrid cars as well as smallest of these is i3.

BMW i3 2016

BMW i3 2016

Exterior and Interior

2016 BMW i3 is completely changed from its predecessor in design. City hatchback has sleek and sophisticated finish. Split grille is used for front ending fascia. outstanding front bumper and hood is used to provide fashionable shape. Definitely, imposing design will turn head wherever you go. Door outline is extraordinary as one require to open front doors to open back hinged doors. Front doors are larger in size than back doors. Though front and back doors get opened in opposite directions however passengers would never face difficulty while sitting on back seats since B pillar is not used in this car.

BMW i3 2016 - Interior

BMW i3 2016 – Interior

 Modern dashboard with a variety of floating display for infotainment and gauge.  BMW i3 2016 is an eco-friendly, fashionable and little sized urban machine. All electric fashionable BMW i3 offers most excellent features to provide utmost safety on the road. For this reason, six airbags are used for passenger sit, front and rear seat.

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Engine and Mileage of 2016 BMW i3

BMW i3 2016 - Charging

BMW i3 2016 – Charging

2016 BMW i3 has an electric motor to produce 170 hp and battery set lithium-ion of 18.8 kWh. Two-cylinder 647 cc engine to create 34 hp to recharge the electric battery. Two-cylinder petrol is not intended to drive in exacting mode. Drawback of this scheme is little sized gas tank of 1.9 gallon which is not capable to extend variety of i3. There are two trim level, known as Range Extender in addition to Base. On the base of drivetrain, one of these two trim level is used.

Release date and Price of 2016 BMW i3

BMW works like other usual car but use of electric motor has made it silent car. BMW i3 2016 will be obtainable in market in the middle of year 2015. Cost for Base trim level is more than $42,000

BMW i3 2016 - FI

BMW i3 2016

It has turn into a trend for car manufacturing company to initiate all electric or hybrid cars. BMW i3 2016 is introduced as completely new and smallest hybrid car lineup. Exceptional outlook, unique door layout in addition to braking system has made 2016 BMW i3 challenge for other plug-in hybrid vehicle.

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Super Cool Plug-in: BMW i3 2016: Video

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