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2015 Volvo C30 Electric

2015 Volvo C30 Electric series is intended to be a compacted four-seater model, accessible across its generation of three-door hatch backs. After numerous tests by the Swedish Volvo corporation, the C30 prototype was presented to the community by September, 2009. though, an updated or enhanced prototype with full interior as well as complete instrumentation, in addition to enhanced battery packaging was unveil during the North American worldwide Show in 2010.

Volvo C30 Electric 2015

Volvo C30 Electric 2015

Exterior and Interior

The design and form of 2015 Volvo C30 Electric car is similar to other lavishness cars. Efforts have been paid to reduce the structure weight. It is said that use of aluminum with steel has enable the company to make a lightweight model. This would be an edging point for the battery. The exterior design is close and attractive. This car seems a classic comfy driving option.

Volvo C30 Electric 2015 - Interior

Volvo C30 Electric 2015 – Interior

Interior features of the Volvo C30 Electric comprise a mixture of luxury items. The power steering contain multiple options for example indicator control. The dashboard is stylish owing to the 8 inch touch screen. This is a color screen to provide the precise view during driving. The new gear set has been installed to function the electric motors precisely.

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 Engine and Mileage of 2015 Volvo C30 Electric

Volvo C30 Electric 2015 - Engine

Volvo C30 Electric 2015 – Engine

Based on the concept of variety extenders, Volvo C30 Electric is set with a three-cylinder combustion engine that produce up to 40 kW, 59hp (60 PS), installed under the back load floor compartment. otherwise, the car has a 40-litre fuel tank, with the combustion engine associated to the 40 kW generator. This power blend is useful while driving the sedan’s 111 PS electric motor (82kW; 109hp). additionally, the driver is at a place of choosing to allow the battery be charged by the generator, thus enhancing the car’s variety of operation on electricity.

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Price and Release Date of 2015 Volvo C30 Electric

Today, the cost of 2015 Volvo C30 Electric model is about $50,000. The price would come down after the release of new electric models. The role of Mitsubishi i-Miev is extremely prominent in this matter.

Volvo C30 Electric 2015 Rear View

Volvo C30 Electric 2015 Rear View

It is said that electric cars are the future of auto industry. Volvo has learned regarding it quickly. It has designed many substantial electric as well as diesel engine option for the users. Among the completely electric versions the Volvo C30 Electric is extremely prominent. This 2015 Volvo C30 Electric model has gain impressive reputation as well as recognition in the society owing to excellent driving features.

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Eco Friendly: Volvo C30 Electric 2015: Video

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