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2015 Volkswagen XL1

The new diesel hybrid 2015 Volkswagen XL1 stands out as one of the most thrilling hybrid cars for this decade, however certainly not amongst the most available by all buyers as well as enthusiasts. This is since Volkswagen said it would only create 250 units, which would also be sold via a -selection procedure since there are more buyer than vehicles.

2015 - Volkswagen XL1

2015 – Volkswagen XL1

Exterior and Interior

This new model the 2015 Volkswagen XL1, will be obtainable with a 2-seater cabin as well as its seats shall be side by side not like the 2013 model whose seating were in tandem. Its passenger toe board would be pushed further back compare to the driver’s pedals. This is meant to give space for its battery pack. It also has a bulkhead compartment at the back of the drivers and passenger seats and this separate the passenger cabin from the mid mount engine and transmission units.

2015 - Volkswagen XL1 interior

2015 – Volkswagen XL1 interior

The new 2015 Volkswagen XL1 will also have no side mirror They will be replace by twin cameras – fixed on its doors that wouldcast the images on the screen on its cabin’s front. Its body is constructed using (CFRP) –carbon fiber-reinforced plastic with has crush structure made of aluminum as well as magnesium making this vehicle have a less than 2000lb -weight and has a few stiffen beams additional where required.

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Engine and Mileage of 2015 Volkswagen XL1

2015-Volkswagen XL1 Rear View

2015-Volkswagen XL1 Rear View

It is widely view as a shame that VW will not be selling this fundamentally efficient diesel, plug-in hybrid car in North America as all the said 250 units would be sold in Europe alone.  This engine would be equipped with the XL1’s -20Kw regarding 20hp –electric motor-powered through a 5.5kWh Li-ion battery pack capable to be recharged by the electric grid that would sit among the engine and the 7-speed dry clutch-(DSG) direct shift broadcast and shall be capable to do up to 31miles on the electric charge.

Price and Release Date of 2015 Volkswagen XL1

Its pricing would start at around €111,000 about $150,000 and it is anticipated that VW will have its first 50 units rolled out early on next year in the European market.

2015 - Volkswagen XL1  Top View

2015 – Volkswagen XL1 Top View

This vehicle’s sample was first launch in 2013 at the Geneva motor show as well as was finally approved for enlargement in February 2014. This low slung, 2-seater diesel –plug-in 2015 Volkswagen XL1 hybrid mark VW’s 2 years of concept as well as ultra coefficient hybrid car from VW.

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Fuel Efficient and Hybrid: Volkswagen XL1 : Video

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