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2015 Volkswagen e-Up

2015 Volkswagen e-Up is a new generation electrical hatch back car. The e-up is designed with an electric motor that could be charged up to 80% inside short period. Drivers could get better mileage from driving the new hatchback electric car. The hatchback vehicle has adequate interior space compare to other electric cars. The new e-up provides great engine performance without sacrifice the fuel use.

Volkswagen e-Up - 2015

Volkswagen e-Up – 2015

Exterior and Interior of 2015 Volkswagen e-Up

Outside the 2015 Volkswagen e-Up, this has xenon using LED headlights and tail lights to save the power. Front end of the vehicle will be altered with distinct front bumper as well as LED fog light. It is equipped with diverse front grilles; spoiler as well as C shaped running light. The gross weight of new hatchback is 4321 pound (1960 Kg) as well as it would have a utmost payload of 930 pounds. It has a wheel base in 8 feet 7.6 inches.

Volkswagen e-Up - 2015  Interior

Volkswagen e-Up – 2015 Interior

The e-up electric car has four doors as well as enough room for passengers. This has five seats which accommodate up to 5 passengers within the car. The car provide several valuable interior features for example air bags, stereo speaker, Bluetooth, USB port, CD player, as well as other entertainment feature. LED lighting, Rear and front parking camera, and automatic braking scheme are the most important interiors of e-up. Inside the car, you could find 5.8 inches of navigation touch screen as well as 7.2 KW of standard board charger.

2015 - Volkswagen e-Up Rear View

2015 – Volkswagen e-Up Rear View

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Volkswagen e-Up

Drive train aside, the 2015 Volkswagen e-Up is almost completely familiar. The 81 bhp, 155lb ft electric motor sit up front, while the 18.7kWh lithium ion battery pack weight 230kg and lies in the floor, thus the centre of gravity is lower than in a ignition engine car. There is no interior space compromise, and the interior fitting are near identical to ordinary, save for the charging as well as eco-orientated instrumentation.

2015 - Volkswagen e-Up Engine

2015 – Volkswagen e-Up Engine

Depending on driving style, motor vehicle settings, charging behavior, as well as other factors, the EPA-estimated standard “real world” variety for the e-up is expected to be roughly 83 miles.

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Price and Release Data

The price for e-up hatchback car is predicted to price around $ 35,445. The new hatch back car would be released in USA market in the first quarter of 2015.

The e-up provides a mixture of both passive and active security systems. 2015 Volkswagen e-Up has been engineered to meet or else exceed all present crash regulations as well as features no fewer than six air bags as standard together with a number of electronic as well as mechanical driver help and safety systems.

2015 Volkswagen e-Up Stylish  Car – Youtube Video

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