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2015 Toyota TMG EV P002 – Exterior and Interior

After setting a new record in the formation of electric cars with their P001, Toyota Motor sport is at present back with a more superior 2015 Toyota TMG EV P002. This is reported that P002 would be nothing other than a well-refined as well as sophisticated duplicate of POO1. Start from its top to the bottom, it would look wonderful as well as more striking that its precursor. Its power production ability will as well be better than that of its antecedent.

2015 Toyota TMG EV P002

2015 Toyota TMG EV P002

Exterior and Interior

In dimension, Toyota TMG EV P002 measure 4.10m long, 1.79m wide as well as 1.04m high. Its exclusive look is highlighted by the slope noses which comprise a number of lift fenders also the nicely-located headlights. On the front, there comes an enormous lower-lip spoiler that helps make driving more of a comfort than a bother.

2015 - Toyota TMG EV P002 Interior

2015 – Toyota TMG EV P002 Interior

At the back end, there rest three round-shaped tail-lamps. With the small info available, we cannot tell precisely that kind of materials that has been used to construct the car exterior. However, based on rumor, it is probable that the new P002 would be designed from an alloy of carbon-fiber.

Rear View of 2015 Toyota - TMG EV P002

Rear View of 2015 Toyota – TMG EV P002

Engine and Specifications

As an all-electric car, Toyota TMG EV P002 come completely equipped with an all-electric powertrain. It is clear that Toyota is forecasting to install the new P002 with two axial flux electric-motors. The two motors are intended capably in such that they could perfectly power the back wheels while mated to an effectual 2.5:1 ratio decrease gearing. As the two motors cannot create power on their individual, they attract their power from 42 kWh lithium-ceramic batteries. The battery is recognized to be extremely powerful as it generates 469 horses of power and 663 lb-feet of torque. As for the charge, the battery is powered using 400 volts off-board DC fast charging unit.

Toyota TMG EV P002 Engine - 2015

Toyota TMG EV P002 Engine – 2015

Release Date and Price

Even though we have used up weeks trying to search for all helpful details concerning the release plus pricing of 2015 Toyota TMG EV P002, we have not been flourishing to gather any useful info. However, this does not mean that we could say nothing regarding this model. What we could say about the release of this model is that it is probable to happen in 2015 or else even 2016 as Toyota have not yet finished the building work meaning there is plenty of work left over before it could be ready for release. While it comes to price, it is fairly unfortunate that our hunt has not delivered any fruit. However, similar to other electric cars, we anticipate it to be not so expensive or cheap.

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2015 Toyota – TMG EV P002 Attractive Sports Car – Video

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