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2015 Tesla S P85D Provides Unique Travelling Ambiance To Drivers

2015 Tesla S P85D is an upcoming model electric car which arrives with superb engine performance orientation and luxurious interior components. This elegant electric car will become quite popular vehicle among many car lovers with its impressive exterior design.

2015 Tesla S P85D

2015 Tesla S P85D

Exterior and Interior of 2015 Tesla S P85D

The exteriors style of this electric car will be very exceptional and breathtaking. The outer design of this vehicle will remain same like its predecessor. The maker of this car has designed it in such a manner which would admire the audiences and drives that drive this car. This car has a sparkling front headlights and taillights. This vehicle features a wheelbase in 116.5 inches.

2015 Tesla S P85D Interior

2015 Tesla S P85D Interior

This electric car is made with amazing interior accessories which would enthrall every car enthusiasts. You could notice lots of new technological improvements made in this interiors of this vehicle. It has five comfortable seats which will allow 5 passengers to sit inside this car. The front cargo volume of this electric car is 5.3 cu feet. This new model car will have astonishing safety and convenience features such as turn signal switch, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, panic alarm and automatic braking system. The other interiors of this car include front/ rear leg room, shoulder room and hip room.

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Engine and Mileage Details of 2015 Tesla S P85D

This wonderful electric car is powered by two energetic electric motor engines. The front electric engine of this car will have the battery pack of 85 KWH which can deliver 470 horsepower and 443 pound feet of torque. The back electric engine of this vehicle will deliver 691 horsepower and 687 lb feet of torque. This electric car can sprint up from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. This electric motor engine will be coupled with 1 speed automatic transmission to deliver its maximum speed. The energy consumption of this car is 40 KWH in city road and 39 KWH for every 100 miles. This vehicle can reach 115.2 miles within 11.6 seconds.

2015 Tesla S P85D Exterior

2015 Tesla S P85D Exterior

Price and Release Data

The price of this S P85D model car begins from $ 105,670 to $ 120,170. This model electric vehicle is expected to be released in US market in next few months of 2015.

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This vehicle comes with refreshed outer body design which would tempt the entire car lovers. People who are looking for an electric vehicle with a bunch of technology upgrades and enhanced electric engine can seek for 2015 Tesla S P85D.

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