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2015 Tesla Model S Release Date And Specifications

2015 Tesla Model S is a top notch high quality car. This model represents the art in the latest part and is a rip roaring car that people would just love to have.  It offers a perfect combination of pleasure with speed as it is convenient and faster.

Tesla Model S 2015

Tesla Model S 2015

Exterior and Interior

The integration of rim management system creates a great satisfaction in the exterior. The front and rear bumpers have the same body color and the bright trim around the body side looks great. The power door mirrors and the daytime running lights serve the right purpose.  The metallic paint on the exterior looks bright with tinted glass. The bi-xenon feature projector beam lenses as headlights and the others in the exterior include intermittent rain sensor, tinted glass and fixed rear window with defroster.

Tesla Model S Interior 2015

Tesla Model S Interior 2015

The internal is amazing in this car that you will consider residing in it. The touch screen, set chairs, enough space and technological innovation management choices is appropriate for anyone. This car suits anyone having even the craziest goals about owning a car. This is a car done considering the car owners requirement. The technological innovation is apparent as it employs power as the main power resource, thereby making it eco-friendly. The advantage it offers is that it is less expensive to generate and you can avoid using fuel. Electricity is less expensive in comparison to fuel, thereby making this model a technically innovative automobile that also does not require gas to be fed.

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The interior has leather seats that will not allow you to easily go out of the car. The touch screen control options and space is more than enough. The car is compatible with all the features. It manages to fit 5 adults and 2 children, making it an ideal family car. It is agile, elegant and comfortable, presenting a combination of practicality. It offers space for storage and so is suitable for shopping and can be considered a perfect car for any age.

Engine and Mileage

Tesla Model S 2015  Engine

Tesla Model S 2015 Engine

This is a fantastic high class car delivering 130 mph. It covers 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. This car is sure to be the best sporty luxury sedan and people will not be disappointed with this model.

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2015 Tesla Model S – Price and Release Date

Rear View of Tesla Model S 2015

Rear View of Tesla Model S 2015

The price will be in the ranges of $65,000 and $105, 000. It will be released in the summer season of 2015.


This car assures performance with its speed, rate and convenience, and if you are looking for the best car in high quality, do not be skimpy on money, buy 2015 Tesla Model S.

YouTube Video: Tesla Model S– Top Notch Car

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