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2015 Rimac Concept One – Specs and Review

2015 Rimac Concept one is one of those two-seat all-electric super-cars everybody would esteem to have. Branded as the best electric sports automobile that exist of late, Rimac Concept One originated as an idea of a 24-year old Croatian boy known as Mate Rimac. Ever since the first Rimac Concept car was produced in January 2013, there have been 8 cars shaped and sold.

Rimac Concept One 2015

Rimac Concept One 2015

Exterior and Interior

As for the interior, there is high-quality leather all over the cabin. The interior of the 2015 Rimac Concept One is driver-focused, which means that the whole thing can be effortlessly accessed. The instrument cluster is all digital. There is a little display on the left side of the instrument panel, plus one that replace the standard rear view mirror (it uses the back camera to demonstrate what’s behind). In the middle console, there is an additional display, which could be controlled with driver’s finger; it could display all the essential info and keep the passenger entertained.

Rimac Concept One 2015 Interior

Rimac Concept One 2015 Interior

The body of the Rimac Concept One is typically made of carbon fiber matter, in order to keep its weight as low as likely. And as you could see in the photos, it looks actually elegant. The car is fairly low and has an aerodynamical form, which would further increase its speed and presentation. It ride on a set of the light weight mono block wheels, wrapped in the exclusive Vredestein tire, which are required for superior handling, specified that each wheel is driven individually (more on that soon).

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Engine and Mileage Details

Rimac Concept One 2015  Engine

Rimac Concept One 2015 Engine

As an all-electric super-sport car, Rimac obtain its power from 91 kilowatt-hour Lithium phosphate iron battery. This battery has predictable maximum power production of 1088 horsepower plus 1200 pounds-feet of torque. Next to each of the four wheels in the car come four electric motors which make possible its powering. Power from the battery is distributed by a high-tech 4-wheel Torque Vector System. With the moderately high power output, the car is capable to automatically switch power from rear-wheel toward front-wheel drive which makes it the first plus only existing car with such capability.

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2015 Rimac Concept One – Price and Release Date

Rimac Concept One 2015  Rear View

Rimac Concept One 2015 Rear View

The first car was introduced on the Frankfurt Motor Show, and also revealed at the Paris Concours d’Elegance, wherever it received positive results. The price is €740,000 (about $980,000).

 Video: Fastest Electric Car – Rimac Concept One

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