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2015 Chevrolet Volt EV

This year, 2015 Chevrolet Volt EVis introduced in the marketplace with more marvelous look than before. It looks stronger in addition to more efficient. This green car as well has modern design. You may drive this car with a self-assurance and pride. However, know more about 2015 Chevrolet volt review previous to driving.

Chevrolet Volt EV 2015

Chevrolet Volt EV 2015

Exterior and Interior

From the inside, the new 2015 Chevrolet Volt EV design look very modern with the new and uppermost technologies are installed. The 4 seats are at ease with high materials. Touchscreen technology is as well well installed. Dashboard design look elegant and stylish. New features are upgraded as well as added including infotainment feature that makes driving this auto is more fun. The safety is as well improved.Another great hi-tech development is an OnStar 4G LTE connection system that come with one month 3 gigabyte of date free trial period.

Chevrolet Volt EV 2015 - Interior

Chevrolet Volt EV 2015 – Interior

though, talking about the exterior design of this 2015 Chevrolet volt, you might think twice. It means you might see the car has chunky outline. It has a low roof as well as high cowl. The tail is as well made with high size in addition to it makes the end of the car is blunt. All of these are prepared to make a better aerodynamic to fasten the car remembering it use electric energy as the power source.

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 Engine and Mileage of 2015 Chevrolet Volt EV

Chevrolet Volt EV 2015 - Engine

Chevrolet Volt EV 2015 – Engine

 For the 2015 Chevrolet volt engine, it is motorized with 1.4 liter of gas/electric I4. And the lithium battery could produce 17.1 kilowatt per hours. It is higher than the preceding model where it merely has 16.4 kwh. The EPA rates range is 38 miles. It is still similar with the last model. This engine is paired with four cylinder engine. This engine is great to create a high performance.

Release date and Price of 2015 Chevrolet Volt EV

 It has been released on January this year. For the cost of this new 2015 Chevrolet Volt EV, it is started with $34,345.

Chevrolet Volt EV 2015 - Side View

Chevrolet Volt EV 2015 – Side View

World got mad regarding the electric cars. This whole electric craze that’s shaking the automotive earth is very logical if we take into thought with how many improvement each electric model come out. The 2015 Chevrolet Volt EV will come in the next few months with few change even it is not a redesigned model which we do anticipate to see as a 2016th model.

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Well Designed Eco Friendy Car: Chevy Volt EV 2015: Video

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